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My daughter Eden Blue and me on Halloween.


On a film shoot with a real Black Panther.


Yes, that's my family. And they call me the crazy one.

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My Story


Hi. I'm Dorne-


Hello! I'm Dorne and I am an artist.

As a child, I would watch my very successful artist father draw and paint with incredible skill. I tried to emulate him, but never felt up to his level.

So for many years I had the self-limiting idea I could not ever draw or paint. I turned instead to writing and filmmaking. For many years I supported my family making documentaries, commercials, and the like.


But the strangest thing happened: after my father died in 2015, I began drawing. One of my first drawings was one I did for his celebration of life service.


Since then I've been making all kinds of art: drawings, paintings, installations, and now my favorite: The Critterz- large, inflatable, huggable alien creatures you can love on and soon, talk with.


The Critterz are custom made and available for rent; please use the contact form or message me @pentesstudios on Instagram.

Keep creating, being awesome, and get in trouble!

For many years I made films and videos because I believed I couldn't draw. My father had been a very successful illustrator and artist, and for whatever neurotic reason

I didn't believe I could. do the same....until he passed away in 2015.


Ever since he passed away, I've been practicing- drawing almost every day. I've developed a unique style and am finding a powerful voice inside.


In addition to this site, I put out  a Substack Newsletter called 'Sunrise, Sunset', which is full of writing and illustrations about Art, Nature, and the 21st Century.


I hope you'll subscribe to the newsletter and also buy some Art--it's pretty cool stuff.


I look forward to sharing some Joy and Art with you.

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My father, Jack Pentes, painting a mural around 1955. He was completely self-taught.


My father and me in 2014.


At the beach with my son, Elias.

With my lovely bride Wendy and our daughter Eden Blue.

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